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About FARF: Fundamental Action and Research Foundation (FARF) is a Bengaluru-based non-profit organization, working in the field of Rural development, agriculture, and related research areas. Our rural organization helps in rural education and development of poor and disadvantaged people irrespective of gender, age, caste, or religion and also works towards quality digital services. Our Vision of Rural Development and Research is to “serve the basic needs and priorities of the socially, educationally and economically backward sections”, by working towards transparency in Government schemes, awareness campaigns, and agriculture campaigns among other things. As part of one of its programs “Adarsh Gram Yojana”, FARF has adopted more than 5 villages. As part of this initiative, FARF has taken action by organizing trainings, and community meetings to spread awareness about central & state government schemes. FARF has started a new program KALRAV, which aims at connecting urban India to rural India. As part of this initiative, we facilitate a service where anybody can come and understand problems in rural areas. We help connect people, organize meetings, and other related services.

Our purpose is to connect eligible beneficiaries with current Government schemes. There are many households in villages in which only elderly people live and the rest family have migrated to the city, so to help them FARF started these services. Digital services include Digi pay, electricity payment, railway booking, Income certificates, Caste certificates, etc at the doorsteps of the village. In March 2021, FARF opened one more mini office cum training center at Sanathpur village, Suriawan, Bhadohi (UP). FARF has filed numerous online complaints at the Jansunwai Portal and used the RTI tool to get important details on a need basis. Recently FARF took a major step in complaining about the unethical practices going on in the ration distribution system, The DM of Bhadohi was informed and through the medium of Twitter (now X) the issue was brought to light by the PM of India.

FARF’s scope of work focuses on a few core verticals in rural development:

Fundamental Action:

  • Digital Services: FARF is providing digital services to rural people in villages. Digital services include the application of Income certificates, Caste certificates, domicile certificates, etc. There is no fee for poor people in rural places.
  • Poor Child Education Support: FARF has adopted around 30 poor children in a few villages in Bhadohi district (Uttar Pradesh) and sponsored their fees, bags, shoes, etc. in good private schools.
  • FARF’s Adarsh Gram Yojana (FAGY): FARF adopted around seven villages to make them ideal and work on rural development at ground level. A door-to-door survey was conducted in 2017 in these villages to understand their problems and make comprehensive reports to pursue them with various stakeholders.
  • Video Documentary: To resolve the issues at the ground level, FARF has made numerous videos and shared them with Government officials to look into the matter on an urgent basis. Some of the videos are uploaded to a YouTube Channel called “FARFIndia”.
  • Rural Research: Collect socio-economic and agriculture data and research to enhance the benefits of various planning and strategies. Research work and data sharing are in progress in collaboration with various research institutes and social sectors. FARF’s social media & digital team share informative facts with rural people so that they can be well aware and benefit from ongoing Government schemes.
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