Since 2016, we have adopted a few villages in UP and done a lot of policy outreach and citizen awareness work, in addition to collecting data to pursue socio-economic policy research in future. Research on rural topics are also covered under the RLLE students from XSRM, Bhubaneswar in collaboration with FARF. One of the collaboration research paper titled “The Existence of Carpet Industry in Bhadohi, India” also published in the International journal in 2018. This paper can be downloaded online for further reference. There are few more research papers under consideration to be published.

So far, FARF has been involved in the following research areas:
1. Data Collection: Door to door survey in villages in the standard questionnaire
2. Research Papers: Under the guidance of advisor Dr. Badri Narayanan (University of Washington Seattle), FARF has worked on few research papers / articles.
3. FARF also invite students / volunteers who can help FARF in collection and processing of data from FARF’s villages and pursuing some analysis that can help understand rural development and inform policy at the local, state and national levels.
4. Interested students are  advised to do international academic quality research under the guidance of our advisor Dr. Badri Narayanan (University of Washington Seattle) and Mr. Anand Pandey (a research scholar, NITT).