About Our Solution

Over the years, we have realized that plenty of data & details are available on the Government website. Public websites might not be very well in structure but after exploring the details for various villages in the last few years, we have decided to share our knowledge in the form of the rural solution. This solution might be as simple as getting details at Gram Panchayat level like PDS, House (Awaas), Pension, MNREGA, Ayushman etc to the extent of a little complex in nature like organizing a survey, analyzing primary data, filing PIL, online complain or RTI, etc.

We are offering the following services, Click on the appropriate one to know more..

Actionable Solution Rural Research-Oriented Solution
At Gram Panchayat Level At Individual Level Survey at Village Level
MNREGA MNREGA Card Holder Data Entry and Cleaning
Expenses as per 14th Finance Commission PMJAY Data Analysis
PDS PDS Beneficiary Collaboration in Research papers
Awaas Pension Beneficiary
Old Age Pension Online Complain
Handicapped Pension RTI Application
Widow Pension PIL
Swatch Bharat Mission Government Schemes Eligibility & Application Submission
Smarga Shiksha Abhiyaan CSC Services