Upcoming Events:

  1. Meeting with Premyskills management to start Pilot project in one Model Government school in Jorai (30-Aug-2018)
  2. Meeting with Parents of supported children and associated school teacher in BPMG, Peace Cottage and Y M Convent School (Tentative Month: September 2018)
  3. RLLE Students of XSRM, Bhubaneswar program at adopted villages in Bhadohi / Jaunpur (expected date: December 2018)

Past Events:

  1. Self Help Group formation by FARF (03 July 2018)
  2. Rural Development Workshop on 30th June 2018 (Bhadohi Foundation Day)
  3. Rural Development Workshop in Jaunpur District, Uttar Pradesh on 27-Nov-2017
  4. Door-to-door Survey in adopted Villages in June 2017
  5. Open Village level Choupal in June 2017
  6. Supporting Poor Child Education for academic session 2017-2018: FARF enrolled 30 poor children distributed in two good private school BPMG schook & Peace Cottage school in Bhadohi district.
  7. Ramanujam Maths Olympiad in 2016 and career counselling to Inter-Mediate students
  8. Open Meetings in Adopted Villages in 2016
  9. Video documentary of rural problem in Bhadohi district, Uttar Pradesh
  10. Rural Development Workshop in 2015