Due to a pal who was dating a well known person in the fresh new Colombo offense family relations, she is actually introduced to this globe

After they reached Dallas, it reserved a hotel room, and soon a beneficial “stocky and you can tubby” middle-aged kid turned up. He appeared as if an effective gangster and he failed to understand why Lorenz is actually truth be told there. “What’s one f–queen wide creating here?” he questioned Sturgis. The guy, she read, was titled Jack Ruby. Lorenz was only since willing to exit – she overlooked their girl home – very she got for the an airplane. Midflight the fresh chief advised this new guests that the airplanes got rerouted in order to Newark due to an urgent situation from inside the Dallas. “Oh, my Goodness,” she envision. “I hope maybe not.”

Sturgis, whom died for the 1993, informed Vanity Reasonable he never ever satisfied Oswald, even though his identity is found in the assassin’s individual telephone book. Sturgis named Lorenz “an effective liar who’s twice-entered a lot of people. She has actually switching who people was indeed regarding vehicles.

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